Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jacobsburg State Park, Pennsylvania

Today was a brisk, windy day for hiking in Jacobsburg State Park. Falls colors are past their peak, many trees are already completely bare. However, beautiful crimson, yellow, and brilliant orange hues are still to be found in the woods.

Splashes of Autumn color reflected in the stream

Crimson, yellow, and orange leaves

Beautiful Autumn colors

More Autumn reflections

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania

Today was a beautiful day for hiking in Ricketts Glen State Park. Temperatures had finally cooled to the mid eighties and the day was slightly breezy and clear.

At 94 feet high, Ganoga Falls is the highest waterfall in the park.

At least 25 waterfalls are in this beautiful park.

Stunning scenery is around every bend.

The 36 foot high Sheldon Reynolds Falls was a nice place to relax and eat lunch.

The 27 foot high Harrison Wright Falls is my favorite waterfall in the park. I love the luminescent green color of the water below.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glen Onoko Falls, Lehigh Gorge State Park

When the temperature climbs into the nineties, there simply is no better local place to hike than Glen Onoko Falls in Jim Thorpe. We took refuge from the heat along shaded paths, tree lined trails, and the occasional refreshing dip under a waterfall.

First waterfall

Looking into the cool mist

This little pup, named Sangria, had a fabulous time on our hike. Dogs + water = fun.

We could climb behind this pretty waterfall.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jacobsburg State Park, Pennsylvania

Today was one of the most beautiful days in the year so far. The weather in the morning was slightly breezy, but temperatures eventually reached into the eighties. Spring has arrived with all her beauty; the trees and flowers are blossoming everywhere.

It was a great day for a hike in one of the prettiest State parks in Pennsylvania. Jacobsburg has flowing streams, cool woodlands, and sunny fields and pastures. A variety of plant life grows in all the environments in the park, attracting a diversity of birds and other wildlife. I heard cardinals, chickadees, towhees, phoebes, and woodpeckers.

I love the rebirth of Spring and the revitalization it brings. Some say that everything in the physical world is a reflection of something in the spiritual world. If that is so, then Spring to me is rebirth, new life, new possibilities, and new directions. Today was a beautiful start to that season.

Flowers catching bright sun rays

A little rivulet forms a small waterfall.

I love these hemlock forests.

A beautiful stream flows through the park. We watched some little birds nesting in some high rocks along the water. I think they were phoebes.

Stopping for a moment on the bridge

Finding some serenity in Henry's Woods

Spring is bursting forth everywhere! I love the juxtaposition of seasons, last year's leaves provide a foundation for this year's new growth.

Sunlight catching ripples in the stream